DSC01606The ATFP300DE is a Diesel Engine powered  pellet mill with a 300 mm diameter die, the holes in the die can be pretty much whatever size you would like. It is designed to be powered by a variable rpm Diesel Engine rated at 30HP or more. If I supply the engine it will be a Chang-Chai China Diesel. They are the least expensive I have found and require regular attention. This type of engine is evaporatively cooled. There is no radiator. It just heats up to 212 degrees and starts blowing off steam. You have to keep an eye on the coolant level as it naturally evaporates away. These engines are one lung diesels and they shake rattle and roll. It is not uncommon for them to shake loose a nut or bolt here or there, so when you are filling the water or diesel you need to check the oil level, and the tightness of all exposed nuts and bolts. It burns about a quart and a half of diesel per hour. It is 12V electric start. If you don’t know how to turn a wrench you should probably find an alternative power source. But if you know your way around a toolbox you won’t find a better value in diesel power. As you can see we turned the motor perpendicular to the mill to increase stability. this is actually a photograph of the ATFP250DE but they look very much alike. This mill  is rated at 660 to 880 lbs per hour of production depending on the type of material you want to pelletize. Wood is much more difficult to pelletize than grasses or grains.  It weighs 1421 Lbs and its dimensions are 61 X21 X 53 inches when packaged for shipping. Spare Die is $161 Spare Roller assy is also $147. Figure on changing the die and roller every 160 hours of operation for wood pellets, but rocks, bolts etc. can damage them beyond use, so I recommend you keep a set of spares.

$3164.00 Plus shipping

ATFP300DE_BARE feed pellet mill without motor
ATFP300DE_BARE feed pellet mill without motor


Yes indeedie, you can order this mill, just like all the rest, without a motor.

$2280.00 Plus shipping without the motor






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