How to Make Wood Pellets


Here is the link to the Beginners Guide: How to make wood pellets.

Are you wanting to make wood pellets? It’s not as simple as you might think. Purity, Consistency, Moisture Content all must be considered and adjusted in a formula specific to your individual feedstock. The old rule of garbage in, garbage out comes to mind. I’ve seen failures and successes of business startups trying to learn as they went and starting out with 2 or 3 thousand dollars and as much as 60 million dollars. For this reason alone, I always advise newbies to the business to set up a pilot pellet making plant first. Consider it a “going to school” expense. Going to school always costs money, it doesn’t matter if it is a major university, or the school of hard knocks, you’ve got to pay your dues. You can learn just as effectively on 10 or 15 thousand dollars worth of equipment as you can on a 10 or 15 million dollar plant. Once you’ve learned how to operate the low cost equipment without breaking anything and you’re certain you know what you are doing, then it’s time to get some financing and sell the small equipment to one of your neighbors on Craigslist. Think of it like wanting to be a long haul trucker. But you don’t know how to drive yet. Don’t learn to drive in a new Kenworth, go out and buy a used pickup truck and make your mistakes on a smaller scale.  In this guide I’ll give you the steps you need to accomplish to make pellets. I can show you one or two ways to accomplish them. But your situation and your feedstock will likely include only a few of my suggestions. The old saying goes there are a million ways to skin a cat and that phrase applies here. As I said, this guide applies to how to do it, but the financial implications will be what really makes or breaks a business venture. I haven’t published anything in the way of information to help with a business plan but I will in the future. I promise….

Here is the link to the Beginners Guide: How to make wood pellets.

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