Wood Pellet Mills differ from typical pellet mills in several primary ways. They are much lower geared to increase available torque and as a result they spin more slowly. Thus they are less productive when making pellets out of hay or grain than the higher geared feed pellet mills.. If you want to produce pellets for animal feed go back to the Feed Pellet Mills Page


  1. I’m looking for a turnkey flat die pellet mill plant. I’d like to be at 1200 lbs an hour. My raw materials is green softwood hemlock with 50% moisture . I will also need a bagging system as well. What do I need to make a high quality wood pellet as far as equipment? I will also need a bagging system as I will be selling the pellets I make

  2. sorry found the prices, can the atrd400e have a diesel motor mounted on it cheers

  3. Hello Josh, you put this question up on my new blog and I don’t really know how to use a blog effectively yet. So sorry for the very late reply. My email address dan@alaskapelletmill.com is the best way to reach me until I get this blogging thing down. Being the cheap bastard that I am I would use a cheaper way to do the bagging on a small system like you are thinking about. You are going to need a hammermill (assuming your Hemlock is already in chips the size of your thumb or smaller) a wood pellet mill and a dryer. Total for these three pieces of equipment shipped to most any major US port is about $15,000.00 US or less. For the bagging on a small plant I think you are better off building some 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch plywood boxes with 1/4 inch hardware cloth (kind of like used in a rabbit cage) on the bottom. Fill them with pellets and allow them to cool off for 15 minutes or so, shake the hell out of the box of pellets to remove any sawdust then fit a bag over the top and flip it over to fill the bag. Sell them as a cubic foot of pellets and explain that it will still be approximately 40 lbs of pellets in each bag to your customers. A pellet cooler will cost $5,000 or so with the vibratory sieve a conveyor to move those pellets to a surge bin for a bagging machine is another $1,500.00 and the bagging machine with calibrated scales to weigh each bag is another $10,000 or so. You don’t need to spend those dollars on such a small pellet plant. But don’t get me wrong, I’d still sell it to you or anybody who wants it, but I want you to be aware that there are less expensive ways to go.

    Dan Apted
    Alaska Pellet Mill

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