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 A hammer mill is used in the pelleting process to take raw chips which are many different sizes and turns them into smaller more consistent size particles. In the hammermill hammers or flails strike the material over and over until it is small enough to fit through a screen. A large amount of air is also moving through the hammermill and it drags the material small enough to make it through the holes in the screen away to the next process. While the hammermill can take small branches and chunks of wood, it is not designed for that task. You should run large pieces of wood through a chipper before you run them through the hammermill. Another option is to buy a combination chipper/hammer mill which can do both tasks in one pass. Here are my offerings at the moment, but check back often as I have a number of new things in the works.


  • ATHM150E Hammer Mill

    This little Hammer mill is just that, little I don’t have much experience with it yet. I can supply it with either single phase or a three phase motor. But I think it will be more usefull for the small garage or back yard tinkerer making pellets for his or her own use. If you don’t have three phase power, this mill might be a good choice for you.

    This mill will grind approximately 50 to 100 Kgs/hr (110 to 220 lbs/hr) of wood chips or small pieces into consistently small sawdust that will work well to make pellets, but it doesn’t come with a screen, so the output isn’t as consistent as the bigger ones..

    This mill weighs 80 Kgs (175lbs)with the motor and 50 Kgs (110 lbs) without.   The motor is rated at 1.1 KW (1.5 HP) of  electrical power . Dimensions are 66*48*93 MM (26 X 19 X 37 In)

    ATHM150E $830.00 Plus shipping.

    ATHM150E-Bare $760.00 Plus shipping.




  • ATHM260E Hammer mill

    This hammer mill provides a lot of action in a small package. It is rated at 300 lbs per hour of production. It uses a 2 hp single phase motor or you can order it bare, with no motor. The price for the electric version does not include the cyclone which is sold separately.


    ATHM260 Price with Motor is $895 plus shipping

    ATHM260-Bare (without motor) is $795 plus shipping.

    Cyclone (sold separately) $100





  • ATHM320E Hammer Mills for Sale

    This little hammer mill rounds out the lower end of my hammer mill line. It is rated at 550 lbs per hour of production. It uses a 5.5 KW 3 phase motor or you can order it bare, with no motor. The price for the electric version does not include the little cyclone which is sold separately.


    ATHM320 Price with Motor is $950 plus shipping

    ATHM320-Bare (without motor) is $750 plus shipping.

    Cyclone (sold separately) $100




  • ATHM 420 Hammer Mills for Sale


    This is the model ATHM420E-11 Hammer Mill.  It is the least expensive, best value hammer mill on the market today in my opinion. It will reduce lumber up to 270 mm wide and 200  thick, that’s an  8″ X 12″ for us Americans, at a rate of 1100 LBS per hour. But it will be better used to convert wood chips to consistent wood sawdust for making wood pellets, or fodder or grain pellets. If you really want to grind up long boards or limbs, you should run them through a chipper first or better yet, just buy a combo chipper/hammer mill.

          It is powered with a 3 phase 11 KW electric motor. That large funnel shaped object is a centripetal dust separator called a cyclone. The cyclone is optional. It is well worth the extra $135.00 to include it with the hammer mill.


    Weight is 800 Lbs, dimensions are 55 x 34 x 46 inches.

    The 11 Kw 3 phase electric version is $1999.00 ATHM 420E-11K produces 1100 lbs per hour

    The 7.5 Kw 3 phase electric version is $1549.00 ATHM 420E-7K Produces 700 lbs per hour


    The ATHM 420D (the D means Diesel) hammer mills are mostly the same as the electric versions. The shipping weight is 800 Lbs and the dimensions are 55 x 34 x 46 inches. The Chang Chai diesel engines are the least expensive power plant I have found to use with them. You can watch me running one of these diesels powering an ATHM 420DE hammer mill and an ATFP 230 pellet mill. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT4BB2Bm4SM

    You can always buy just the hammer mill and use your own power source if that makes more sense. This was my way of grinding chips and making pellets on the road. It made enough pellets in a couple of weekends of work to heat my home for an Alaskan Winter.


    The 22 hp diesel version is $1999.00 ATHM 420D produces 1100 lbs per hour

    The 15 hp diesel  version is $1799.00 ATHM 420D produces 700 lbs per hour

    The un-powered version is  $1164.00 ATHM 420-Bare

    Optional Electric Start (Highly Recommended) $364.00

    Optional Cyclone particle separator ……………… $255.00



  • ATHC 40 and ATHC 60 Hammer mill/Chippers For Sale

    I don’t know whether to call this a chipper or a hammer mill, but since it does both jobs at once I am going to list it in both categories. I have only sold a few of these little machines but the folks I have sold them to like them a lot. They make a lot of noise as they first chip the branches or lumber put into them and then hammer the heck out of the chips to produce a fine 3 mm under sawdust. Here are the pertinent specifications.






    The ATHC 40 will take branches or boards up to 3 inches in diameter and  first chip the wood then run those ships through an integrated hamermill. This results in sawdust < 1/8 particle size. It is powered by either an electric motor, or a diesel engine, or buy it bare and supply your own power. This mill will produce approximately 660 lbs per hour of sawdust.

    The ATHC 40 Bare is …………. ….  $2080

    The ATHC 40E w/Electric motor .. $2352

    The ATHC 40D w/Diesel engine   $2730



    The ATHC 60 models will take boards up  to 6 inches in diameter and chip them and then hammer them to <1/8 inch particle sized sawdust. It too can be powered b either and electric motor or a diesel engine, or bare so you can provide your own power source. The ATHC 60 mills will produce approximately 1100 lbs per hour of sawdust.

    The ATHC 60 Bare is …………………..   $3420

    The ATHCE 60 with electric motor is.. $3740

    The ATHCDE 60 with Diesel Engine is $4110




    Either of these mills is a pretty good bargain when compared to buying a stand alone chipper to feed a stand alone hammermill.

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