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This is the largest and most recent mill my little company has built so far. In fact it is so big that I have to rent a factory floor from a partner company just to build it. It weighs in at 12 metric tons and it takes a pretty beefy traveling crane just to jocky it around. Don’t buy this mill unless you have a pretty beefy forklift to jocky it into position.

The ring die is 860 MM across (33.85 inches). It is rated at 3.3 Metric tons per hour of wood pellet production. But use a good bit of salt when using this number. I put 4 of them into one pellet plant and expected to get 13 Tons of pellets per hour, but after a year of wrangling with it, the four mills altogether will only produce 10.2 tons per hour. The customer was understanding and kept the mills anyway, but it goes to show you how different materials with different customers and different operators running the same mill seem to get different rates of production. This same mill making pellets from different grain mixtures easily produces 6.5 tons per hour with just one mill.

This mill comes with a Siemens brand electric motor rated at 280KW of 3 phase power. That doesn’t mean it will always use that much. That is simply the maximum load it can endure. The actual useage is always predicated by the load you put on it. Its going to eat a lot of electricity to produce wood pellets, and hardly break a sweat producing feed pellets.

The ring die can be custom made to suit your raw material. Different materials require different compression ratios and that is dictated by the shape of the extrusion holes in the die which in turn dictates the amount of torque reqired to produce a pellet.

You really start to understand the size of these mills when you see workers sitting atop one from a bit of distance. These mills are  2690 * 2800* 2300 mm thats 8 foot 10 inches X 9 foot 2 inches X 7 foot 6.5 inches for us Americans. These are really big chunks of steel. The picture below is of a typical 4 mill plant installation.

Notice that this mill, like all the better ring die mills, is designed to be used with an automated lubrication system to allow for 24 X 7 production.

It takes me 2 months to round up all the parts and assemble one of these mills. But I can produce up to 8 of them per month. This presents an issue for me and possibly an opportunity for my customers. When I add up all my costs and add a few points of profit each mill runs $147,000 dollars if I produce them one at a time. But due to costs of workers, manufacturing space and freight costs I can reduce that price by up to $20,000 if you will order 3 or more of them at a time. So in lots of 3 or more your price is $127,000.00 each. This is before shipping costs are figured in which varies a good bit depending on where you need them shipped.


$147,000.00 US one off price

$127,000.00 US when purchased at least 3 at a time. 




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