The ATFP250T is an unpowered pellet mill with a 250 mm diameter die, the holes in the die can be pretty much whatever size you would like. It is designed to be powered by a 550 rpm PTO from a tractor. It is not designed to be run by a motor or engine. It is rated at 440 to 660 lbs per hour of production depending on the type of material you want to pelletize. Wood is much more difficult to pelletize than grasses or grains and should NOT be used to feed this mill. It will require a tractor with at least 18 to 25 HP available at the PTO. This mill comes complete with the Jack Shaft but you will have to construct your own 3 point hitch and likely as not the PTO U joint will need a different spline coupling due to the difference between US and Asian tractors but Asian tractors are plentiful in the US. This mill weighs 550 Lbs and its dimensions are 29 X 29 X 49 inches. Spare Die is $147 Spare Roller assy is also $133. Figure on changing the die and roller every 1600 hours of operation, but rocks, bolts etc. can damage them beyond use, so I recommend you keep a set of spares.

$1463.00 Plus shipping








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