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If you’ve landed on this site, it’s likely that you are interested in making pellets out of an agricultural waste product or waste wood product.  Great, I make the products you will need in order to make pellets. There are a number of ways to complete each step in the pellet making process, and the process is different depending on which material you use. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a good bit of experience with a number of materials and I will be happy to share them with you. I can build individual mills, or complete pellet plants from 200 lbs /hr to 12 tons per hour. I can also do complete turnkey installations if you would like. Thanks for your interest in my products.


If you are not well versed on the whole pelleting business I hope to take you through the entire process and share my experience as well as my customers knowledge as they go through the learning curve.

What Is Pelleting

Pelleting is compressing a product (usually agricultural) through a small hole in a metal die in a process called extrusion. In this process a natural glue called Lignin is released from the cellulose molecules of the raw material. It becomes semi liquid under the heat of extrusion and small amounts of water in the raw material turns into steam and carries the lignin to the surface of the pellet. When the pellet cools it has a shiny surface coating of Lignin that holds the pellet together.

The pellets thus created are then stored for use in some other process at some other time. Rabbit food for instance is usually alfalfa that has been dried to about 15 percent moisture content, ground into small pieces, pelletized and bagged. By pelletizing the alfalfa it takes up less space, It is heated due to the extreme pressure in the pelleting process and thus cooks a bit which removes most pathogens, and sterilizes most seeds. Once pelletized the dehydrated alfalfa has a nearly indefinite shelf life. Many agricultural products can be pelletized for the purpose of animal feed in this manner.

Another common use for pelletized products these days is for energy production. Waste wood products like sawdust are treated to obtain the correct moisture content by drying or humidifying and then extruded into pellets. The pellets are bagged and then burned when needed to generate heat in a special stove called a pellet stove. They are also commonly used in power plants that would normally use coal to generate electricity without generating extra carbon dioxide. Many believe extra carbon dioxide is causing our planet to become warmer. Thus pelleting is considered to be a green project.

About My Products And Prices

Most of the products you will see on this site were made for somebody else. I build them to order as my customers need them. That way I don’t have to manufacture them and warehouse them in advance of my customers orders. It costs me much less that way and I am able to pass that savings on to you. This is called Pro-Forma sales. You are buying the product before it has actually been made. Thus the prices listed may change from time to time without notice.

Once a customer places an order with me, I schedule factory time at one of my business partners manufacturing plants, usually in China. (My Chinese friends say all the good stuff comes from China. My American friends say everything comes from China) For this reason it takes several weeks to a month to manufacture and clear export customs in China. It then takes another month  or so to ship the product across the pacific, clear US customs and be placed for your pick up at a central shipping terminal somewhere near your location

Thanks for your interest in my products.

Dan Apted, GM Apted Technologies Inc, DBA Alaska Pellet Mill

1515 E. Tudor Rd. #6

Anchorage, Alaska 99507



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  1. I am thinking about your ATRD250E machine.I would buy it without motors as I will run the Pellet Mill off of a Diesel engine and put a different motor for the conditioner. what would be the cost on that? Could you give me prices for the ring die and rollers. I would also like to get the approx. delivery time as I believe they come from China. Thanks, Darrel

  2. dear sir interested in pallet machine , raw material is saw dust and wood chips will need a fairly big machine cheers colin

  3. I can provide up to about 3 tons per hour machines in either electric or diesel motor powered versions. I don’t check these blog questions very often, you’ll get me easier at my email address. dan@alaskapelletmill.com

  4. Hi Darrel, I don’t check these blog entries as often as I should so I missed yours. I check my main email quite often however. dan@alaskapelletmill.com will get me every time. I can easily provide you with the machine you want with or without a motor. It will take about 60 days to ship to you as they literally have to come via the “slow boat from china”. I can’t really give you a good quote without knowing your address and the closest port city to where you live.


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