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If you’ve landed on this site, it’s likely that you are interested in making pellets out of

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  1. I am thinking about your ATRD250E machine.I would buy it without motors as I will run the Pellet Mill off of a Diesel engine and put a different motor for the conditioner. what would be the cost on that? Could you give me prices for the ring die and rollers. I would also like to get the approx. delivery time as I believe they come from China. Thanks, Darrel

  2. dear sir interested in pallet machine , raw material is saw dust and wood chips will need a fairly big machine cheers colin

  3. I can provide up to about 3 tons per hour machines in either electric or diesel motor powered versions. I don’t check these blog questions very often, you’ll get me easier at my email address. dan@alaskapelletmill.com

  4. Hi Darrel, I don’t check these blog entries as often as I should so I missed yours. I check my main email quite often however. dan@alaskapelletmill.com will get me every time. I can easily provide you with the machine you want with or without a motor. It will take about 60 days to ship to you as they literally have to come via the “slow boat from china”. I can’t really give you a good quote without knowing your address and the closest port city to where you live.


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